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Mike's Feed Farm

Livestock Feed


Products Available in Our Store

Supplies & Bedding

Supplies Vitamins & Supplements not stocked available by order
Basic Barn & Stable Supplies   Wormers
Fly Sprays    
Pine Shavings   Hay

Small Animal Foods and Supplies


Oxbow Hay    
Feeders   Cages
Supplies   Dishes
Bedding   Rabbit Hutches & Cages
Grooming Supplies
Mike's Own Foods for:    
Rabbit Chow & Mazuri Diets:   25 and 50 Lb sizes available
Guinea Pigs   Chinchillas
Ferrets   Rodents
Hamsters   Gerbils
Parrots   Small Birds
Scarlett Feed:    
Rabbit   Parrot
Sm. Birds   Lg. Birds
Cockatiel   Finch
  Guinea Pig

Mazuri Foods Purina Duck Chow
Purina Game Bird Breeder, Starter, Grower, Chows   Purina Layena
Scratch   Purina Start & Grow for Chicks
Purina Meat Builder   Purina Goat Chow
Purina Lamb Chow   Mazuri Pot Belly Pig Feeds for all stages
Mazuri Koi Pellets
  Deer Feed

Supplies for Farm Animals

Hutches Feeders
Waterers   Brooders
Heat Lamps   Disinfectants
Antibiotics   Gates


contact us if there is something you are looking for which is not listed.

Additionally Please click on the following link to Bradley Caldwell
to see what other products we can order for you.
Bradley Caldwell Web Site

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