We can all use a little pick-me-up in these times. Here are some adorable, touching, feel-good news stories about animals all across the country to do just that. 

Orca who carried her dead calf for 1,000 miles is pregnant

Scientists say an orca who raised worldwide concern when she carried her dead calf for 17 days and more than 1,000 miles almost two years ago is pregnant

Check out these baby lemurs, including triplets born at Duke Lemur Center

Last week, the Duke Lemur Center celebrated #BabyWeek2020, posting pictures of adorable baby lemurs and educating people about lemurs on their social media platforms.

Hawk sits on trooper’s lap in patrol car during surreal rescue on New Hampshire road

It sounds strange that a state trooper in New Hampshire turned a live hawk lose in his patrol car Friday, but the story gets weirder. The broad-winged hawk not only stayed calm, but it sat like a puppy in the lap of Trooper First Class Mark Magoon, according to the New Hampshire State Police.

A rescuer abseiled 130 feet down an airless well to save a trapped owl

Rescuers in northern Germany have managed to save a young eagle owl who was trapped at the bottom of a 130-foot well at a ruined castle.

Texas 4th Graders Pave the Way for 20,000 Rescued Animals to Find Homes

It all started when one fourth grade teacher in Texas and her class wanted to help save a litter of puppies, and now 17 years later she is still helping animals with some of those same students.