So many people adopted puppies during the pandemic and it’s likely that your little guy or gal is not used to being around other people or even other dogs. Here are some tips on how to have an easy transition. 

Start Slow 

Do not jump right into a public dog park or small gathering. Take your dog to a relatively secluded area with just a few other people who you know well. Then, go to an area with a few more people, and so on. A gradual introduction is the best way to get a positive result.  

Do Prep Work 

It doesn’t hurt to do a little training at home so your dog is comfortable with listening to you. Teach him easy things like sit, stay and come. These simple skills can come in handy when out in public.  

See A Professional 

There is a reason people dedicate their time solely to training dogs. It’s not always easy! If you feel lost or overwhelmed, you can always seek help from someone who has plenty of experience.