So many people think birdwatching is hard to do and even harder to understand. But, it’s actually really easy to get started and chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Check out our tips on how to get started and make sure to tag us on Instagram @MikesFeedFarm when you post your birdwatching pics!

What You’ll Need


A bird guide

A bird feeder

A camera


Fellow bird-watchers

What To Look For

There are a ton of stunning, unique birds in New Jersey. Check out our North Jersey birding guide for all the creatures you’ll want to look for!

When & Where To Look

You can find birds pretty much anywhere, but some helpful tips: a bird feeder is a super easy way to get the birds to come to you; they also enjoy water so try a birdbath or visit a stream; definitely change up your location to challenge your skills and get familiar with new birds. Morning is definitely the best time to look – invest in some good coffee!

How To Look

Using binoculars and your patience, scan your area for a bird (or a few). Once you’ve found one, study it closely. You’ll want to take note of its size, shape, color and any sounds if it’s making them. This will help you when you reference your guide to identify the bird.