The 3 W’s of chick care: Warm, watered and well-fed

Great care in the first few days will set chicks up for a lifetime of happiness and health. What does great chick care look like? We’re glad you asked! At Purina, chick care is built around the 3 W’s:

Warm – A warm, clean brooder is essential! 

Watered – Rehydration is key.

Well-fed – Give chicks the nutrients they need to thrive.

Need a chick care refresher? We've bundled our best resources, including free guides and quick videos, in one handy place.  GIVE CHICKS TLC

One feed for mixed flocks

Adding a few new chicks or ducklings to a flock of growing hens, roosters, ducks or geese? One feed can cover them all! Purina® Flock Raiser® Crumbles provide balanced nutrition for mixed flocks.

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Flock goal: Colorful eggs 

Ever seen a basket full of beautifully colored eggs and wondered, how can I get those? It starts by choosing the right chicken breeds! Find out which breeds lay colored eggs.

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Thinking about remodeling? 

We have a serious case of backyard envy whenever we see Caroline of Wild Feather Farm. Luckily, we’ve pinned hundreds of inspiring chicken coops on the Purina® Coopitecture® Pinterest board to help turn envy into your spring renovation project!

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